Heart Medication Experts

Blend Labs Rx specialize in compounding veterinary heart medications.  Pimobendan and Enalapril are only two of the many products we offer specifically for pet heart conditions. Veterinary compounding can produce a wide variety of sizes and forms that may be unavailable.  Blend Labs Rx has the capability of manufacturing specific dosages and a variety of forms making it easier to dose pets.

Pimobendan Compounding

Blend Labs Rx’s compounded Pimobendan are extremely small and easy to administer.  Pimobendan manages mild, moderate, or sever congestive heart failure in dogs, helping the heart pump more efficiently.  Our specially trained compounding pharmacists and technicians work in an advanced compounding lab to make Pimobendan to each veterinarian and pet parent’s requirements.

Enalapril Compounding

Blend Labs Rx compounds Enalapril unique processes that produce dosages that are very easy to administer.  Like Pimobendan, Enalapril treats mild, moderate, or sever congestive heart failure in dogs and is usually combined with other medications.  Blend Lab Rx offers a number of these common combinations.